2019 Holiday competition.

    Competition opens at 11:00 (CET) on December 24th, 2019. Deadline for entries is 15:00 (CET) on December 31th, 2019.

    The competition is open to anyone aged 18 and above, who send their answers to the question in the comments. Employees of BMW and associated companies are not permitted to enter.

    Participants in the competition hereby agree to allow their name to be published on http://www.facebook.com/bmwgolfsport should they win.

    Participation in competition: Participants enter the competition by telling their handicap in the comments on the post of the sweepstakes on BMW Golfsport.

    One winner shall be selected by a raffle.
    The prize will include one Nike golf putter, used and signed by Paul Casey. BMW is responsible for the delivery of the mentioned prize.

    Notification of winner: The winner will be announced in the comments of the sweepstake post at the BMW Golfsport Facebook page using the winner’s Facebook user name. The winner must then contact the BMW Golfsport Facebook page within 3 days of the winner being announced, stating the full and correct name and current address. Should the winner not contact the BMW Golfsport Facebook page within 3 days and provide the full and correct details, they forfeit their claim to the prize. In this case, a new raffle will take place and another new winner will be named.

    The prize is posted free of charge to the winners. It is not possible to exchange the prize, or to exchange them for a cash payment. However, BMW reserves the right to change the prize, should BMW or partners be required to do so as a result of influences outside of its sphere of influences.

    Termination of competition: BMW reserves the right to end or terminate the competition at any time and to change the entry conditions, particularly if, for technical or legal reasons, it can no longer be guaranteed that the competition is run properly.

    Only one registration per person is considered for the competition. BMW reserves the right to change, supplement or discontinue the competition should the impression arise that attempts are made to send several automated registrations or attempts be made to interfere with the competition in a disturbing manner by other means.

    Liability: BMW assumes no liability for comments not received, or the availability of web sites, computer systems, networks, and telecommunication systems provided by BMW or third parties that are necessary to access the organizer’s website or computer system. Nor does BMW assume liability for any other technical problems during the transfer of information.

    BMW is only liable for damages in case of intent and gross negligence. This does not apply in the case of damages arising out of death and injury to body or health. Nor does it apply to a violation of contractual obligations. These are obligations that are fundamental to the running of the competition. Without them, the competition would not be possible. Because of this, the participant trusts that these obligations are being fulfilled. Compensation for the violation of contractual obligations is restricted to foreseeable damages typical of competitions, unless there is evidence of intent or gross negligence, or liability for damages arising out of death and injury to body or health.

    Data protection notices: If a winner is determined, personal data – the first name, surname and postal address – will be used to conduct the competition. This data is used exclusively to conduct the competition and is deleted again once the competition is over.

    By entering the competition, the participant agrees that BMW may publish their name on the BMW Golfsport Facebook or Instagram pages should they win as stated above.

    Severability Clause: Should a provision of these Terms and Conditions be considered invalid or unenforceable, the effectiveness or enforceability of the remaining Terms and Conditions are not affected and the invalid or unenforceable provision is replaced by such a valid provision as comes nearest to the basic intention of the invalid or unenforceable provision. The same applies in case of a gap.

    Content generated by participants: Content generated by participants must be in accordance with current legislation. In particular, content may not be of pornographic, racist, political or religious nature and may not infringe third-party rights (such as copyright, trademark rights or personal rights).

    Participants declare explicitly that they possess all rights pertaining to the content that possess unrestricted exploitation rights to the content, that the content is not encumbered by third-party rights and that no third-party rights are infringed.
If the competition/contest requires the participant to upload photographs, only the participant may be represented on the photograph used.
BMW reserves the right to change and edit the content for the purposes of the competition/content. BMW hereby preserves the personal rights of the participant.

    Note on non-remunerated concession of usage rights: The participant concedes spatial, temporal and unrestricted content-related, but not exclusive, usage rights to BMW without remuneration. In particular, this includes the usage for execution of the competition/content and the reporting thereof in the press and other media.

    Exemption from liability for BMW regarding claims by third parties: If the participant contravenes the above-mentioned conditions of participation, the participant will hold BMW, companies linked to BMW, staff, employees, workers, representatives, shareholders and agents of BMW or companies linked to BMW to be exempt from liability and free of blame in respect of any claims made by third parties due to, or in conjunction with, content that the participant provided or transferred as part of participation in the competition/contest. This includes appropriate legal fees and court costs.

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